La Luchi Foundation provides urban youth with a platform to enrich their physical, mental and emotional health, utilizing holistic health resources which include a foundation in yoga, mindfulness meditation, balanced nutrition, arts and science, sounds exploration, and alternative healing practices. 

La Luchi Foundation (LLF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2008 providing customized, holistic healing programs for private and public educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and after school care programs. La Luchi Foundation and it’s signature MACS (Mindful Arts and Conscious Science) and ME Time (Mindful Education) programs have entered into several partnerships to  reach, teach and offer services to a broader base of urban youth in Miami, Florida.

La Luchi Foundation programs offer effective solutions for any child in need of developing self-awareness, better health and the tools for positive change for themselves, their community and their environment. 

Meet the Team

Luchi Estevez, Founder and CEO of La Luchi Foundation

An eco-centric Pioneer in conscious activism, Journalist, Fashion Designer, CEO of Miami International Consulting, CEO Elucelle Entertainment, President of Le Boudoir D’Esencia, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Luchi is passionate about enriching the world-wide community in providing  holistic programs and tools to guide children  towards a natural, healthier way of living.

Antuan, Resident Artist

Antuan is an integral environmentalist, transdisciplinary and cosmogonic artist. From the beginning of his artistic training, in the 80’s, environmental problems occupied a central place in his thinking, when the environmental art movement arose, resulting in a theme present throughout the course of his career.

Likewise, his work gained high interest and visibility, in art biennials, art fairs, and museums. His works are exhibited in museums and art centers throughout the U.S., the Americas, and Europe. Among others like the Museum of Contemporary Art, Mocca, Toronto, Canada; Cobra Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Dox Center of Arts in Praga; Palacio de los Cristales, Madrid, Spain; Central Fine Art Contempory, Cadiz, Spain; Espacio de arte TEA, Canarias Island, Spain; The Patricia & Phillip frost Art Museum, Miami, FL; Museum of Latin American Art, Molaa, CA; MDC Museum of Art & Design at the Freedom Tower, Miami, FL; Museum of Modern Art, Dominican Republic; Matucana 100 Cultural Center, Cantiago, Chile; Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL;IBB Center for Contemporary Arts, Curacao.

Antuan was born in Cuba 1972. In 1989, when he was just beginning to study, he created the ECO project of ephemeral art, at the age of 17 years old. He obtained his degree in art at the ISP “Feliz Varela” of Santa Clara, Cuba in 1995. Achieving his research thesis, Art, Ecology, and Humanism, between 1995 and 1996. In it, Antuan already emphasizes the role of the artist as a social practitioner. 

Natalia Pazos, Consultant

Natalia Pazos is a former lawyer, entrepreneur, teacher, lifelong student, writer, and visionary. A light bringer, a way shower, a truth teller, a wisdom seeker, and a brilliant thinker. What plato refers to as the torch-bearer of humanity, as she is committed to “lead and lift the race out of the darkness and towards the light.”

Through her personal experience, she understood the importance of teaching children to live a balanced life by educating the mind, empowering the body and inspiring the heart.

Astrid Roman G, Consultant & Yoga Teacher

Astrid’s aim as a yoga teacher is to become an assistant to practitioners so they can see that yoga is a great vehicle for healing, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. For Astrid, yoga is a lifelong practice. She started practicing different styles of yoga in 2001 in Caracas, Venezuela, mostly Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, then while living in Thailand finishing her MBA in Bangkok, then in Panama working in Wealth Management and when she decided to quit her job in finance and went to live in Indonesia working in education, one of her many passions. Yoga has always been present.