Healing Factory Launches Holistic Health Program for HIV Miami Youth

Miami, Florida, April 8, 2011. La Luchi Foundation in partnership with The Center for Positive Connections announces the launch of their new program “The Healing Factory” for children from the ages of 5 to 17. This program benefits those children affected/infected by H.I.V.

The Healing Factory program objective is to provide children with knowledge and training in yoga, art, music, self -healing practices and good nutrition. Participants will enjoy better mental, spiritual and physical health and acquire the tools for continued self-healing.

The program is 6 weeks in length and will take place at Martin Luther King Park located at 6000 N.W. 32nd Court, Miami, FL 33128. Founder and CEO of La Luchi Foundation, Ms. Luisa Estevez says “The Healing Factory” is a first for Miami and we are excited about our collaboration with The Center for Positive Connections to bring healthy holistic learning to our HIV affected youth.”

On April 23, 2011 The Center for Positive Connections will be hosting a meet and greet at 8315 N.W. 22nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33147 from 2-4pm so that parents, their children and interested parties can see first hand what the program entails and to better understand the benefits of participation.

We are seeking corporate sponsors, philanthropists and individuals to fund the program costs. The Center for Positive Connections and La Luchi Foundation offer “Sponsor a Child” program ($240 per child) for the 6 week “Healing Factory” program and also welcome any donations, sponsorships and volunteers interested in contributing to cover the costs of this program.

All qualified teachers offering free or reduced rates for classes in Yoga, massage therapy, music, art and dance are encouraged to participate and help grow the success and outreach of this program. Gifted materials, including yoga mats, organic food snacks/drinks and art supplies, are all much appreciated.

We welcome all donations starting from $10 and ask that they are made payable online at www.positiveconnections.org or by check made payable to The Center for Positive Connections, reference “The Healing Factory”. Both organizations are tax-exempt not-for-profit 501(c) (3) corporations.

Please contact Luisa Estevez at 786-315-7871, at luchi@laluchifoundation.org or Eddie Orozco at eorozco@positiveconnections.org with any questions you may have concerning sponsorship and donations. For marketing or volunteering questions please feel free to contact Shownda Pagan at 786.873.2303 or shownda@positiveconnections.org.

La Luchi Foundation and The Center for Positive Connections goal is to register fifty children for the first summer session of the program. For information on La Luchi Foundation please visit www.laluchifoundation.org and The Center for Positive Connections at www.positiveconnection.org.
Media contact: Gabrielle Griswold 954-536-6366 gaby@laluchifoundation.org

Healing Factory launches Latin Youth Program for healthier bodies, hearts and minds!

Nov. 16, 2011 Miami.  La Luchi Foundation  www.laluchifoundation.org has launched the “Healing Factory” ground breaking holistic program for at risk Hispanic children, a first for the Miami community.  The signature for benefit program offers children the tools to de stress, be better students, happier and healthier.  The Leadership Learning Center at St. John Bosco in Little Havana, Miami is the first after school program to include the integrative health sessions which includes yoga postures, meditation, music, dance, self healing tools with instruction about whole food nutrition and good eating habits for children 5-18 years of age.

The Healing Factory program concentrates on teaching practices that increase children’s overall level of health and vitality .Tools learned enhance their ability to retain information, critical for learning, the release of physical tension and mental stress, while encouraging anger management and reduction of violence. Eating guidelines emphasis less fat, salt and sugar to address to epidemic of obesity, higher among at risk groups.

“The embrace of the Director Mirta Fuentas and her wonderful co-workers and volunteers at the Leadership Learning center is heart warming!” said Luisa Estevez CEO of La Luchi Foundation. “The enthusiastic response and appreciation of the children is inspiring but also heart breaking, as it is evident how needed our Healing Factory program is for these and other children in at risk communities. I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is for children to learn healthy living practices during their early formative years,” she added.

La Luchi Foundation  assists  aids affected  and other at risk groups on an ongoing basis and other  non profit organizations including Honey Shine, Girl Power, Empower-U, Yoga for Youth, and The Center for Positive Connections.

Please contact info@laluchifoundation.org to learn  about the Healing Factory, how to volunteer, donate and get involved.  Join us on La Luchi Foundation Facebook page for all coming events and see how you can make a difference.

Leading the response to answer the needs of at risk Hispanic youth, La Luchi Foundation (www.laluchifoundation.org) launches the  “Healing Factory” holistic health program at the Leadership Learning Center at St. John Bosco in Little Havana, Miami. The innovative program emphasizes an integrative approach to health, giving children the tools to lead happier, healthier lives.

La Luchi Foundation (LLF) a 501(c) (3) non profit corporation, designs, teaches and offers customized holistic healing for benefit programs to various groups including private, public, nonprofit entities as well as educational institutions. LLF signature Healing Factory program offers effective solutions for any child in need of developing self-awareness, better health and the tools for positive change in themselves, their community and their environment. To date, over 8000 children and their families have received the benefits of the program(s).

Media Contact: LLF Executive Director Gabrielle Griswold gaby@laluchifoundation.org, Tel: 786 315 7871